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Where do i hook up a vacuum gauge, Swiss woman look up friend especially for Where do i hook up a vacuum gauge

Click to see full answer Correspondingly, how do you check fuel pressure with a vacuum gauge? Similarly, what should the vacuum be at idle?

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Check this out! See link below for image. Stovebolt Calendars.

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This site is not affiliated with Correct Craft, Inc. Funding for the site comes from members like you. Click on the link below to make a donation. New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. Sorry to ask a question I am sure has been answered before, but the search function is down. Dating sites without payments have a carb.

I see a plug in the intake at the rear, but prefer to leave that alone if the PVC hose does the same thing. I was wondering if taking the PCV out of the system would effect the result when measuring vacuum. Thanks Chris.

I usuall will find a spot on the runners and Toronto swinger chatline my own fittings, I think you will get the same at the PVC also. I tried to set idle screws, but didn't get any response from them. I think maybe the choke isn't opening up all the way. Will check that out next! When I hooked up my vacuum guage, I used the plug at the rear of the manifold, and put a threaded nipple in to hook my line and guage in to.

I like hooking right into the Wife wants hot sex SD Canton 57013. I think you will get a more accurate reading of what the engine is doing.

See a couple of pictures of my set up. Notice that the inlet of the PCV port under the spacer is not tied Dating a stingy boyfriend directly to the intake. I agree with David and hook up directly to the manifold, note the red cap on the vacuum port.

Those are just brass fittings from the hardware store. I was wondering the same thing. My vac gauge hose is too small to hook up to the PCV or Intake.

Think I'll drop by the hardware store and find a brass fitting. Is this the spot I would hook up to on mine? Thats the spot. Look on mine up above. Its the port about six inches or 40 single dating away from the rear of the carb.

I don't recall noticing the little holes in mine though. Not sure that makes any difference. I just bought a brass nipple at the hardware store. I also had to get two different sized hoses. One to fit the vacuum gauge, and one to fit the brass nipple. You can buy little plastic "step-down" connectors to connect the two hoses together. I agree with all your comments Sexy female positions a vacuum gauge.

Question: What do you consider to be a healthy vacuum reading, and at what RPM? My truck with a typically re around 18 inches.

But, I sometimes wonder if the rpm range is a bit high causing the reading to be a bit high. I had the boat motor tuned the other day to get 15 inches. That was better than last year before the rebuild when I was getting inches. I still wasn't totally happy with that though. I pulled my intake manifold back off to check for water leaks, and reseal it. I am putting Hardy bucks sailing back on a little different this time Just wanted your thoughts on a healthy vacuum reading range. That's what I figured. Also not sure what's up with the two holes but I'm sure it will be fine.

I stopped by ACE on the way to work and got a brass fitting that works. Anybody have a resource on vacuum testing procedures?

What the readings tell you etc.? I found some stuff on the web but I'm sure the folks here are much more knowledgeable. I tested last night in the driveway.

I got a pretty steady reading of Everything sounded great and the carb responded good. Did not make it to the lake for a load test but will do tonight. How would you condider the reading of 16 at rpm?

Just hook that pup up and turn the motor on at least thats what I do. In fact, I have my gauge hooked up permanently in my truck. I think its the best way to tell what your engine is actually doing. You can start to adjust your idle mixture screws, timing, etc, to Elite dating prices what it does to the readings. I like to have the idle set around rpm or so to get a solid reading. If you rev the motor up, the readings will go up. I am interested in seeing what types of readings Eric likes to see, and what rpm range.

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No wait, that was Al Gore. Alan, I see that in your pic you just have a cap on the brass fitting. Can you run like that? Do you leave that fitting in there all the time? Davidg, Do you leave your fitting in or do you plan to? Check this link out guys. A good overview on vacuum readings. I don't think 16" is a bad reading. I would be happy with that. Has your engine ever been rebuilt? What kind of top speed do you get on your boat? Last year, I was getting readings of 12 or 13, and then engine seemed Where do i hook up a vacuum gauge run good.

I was just not as fast as I would like to have seen it. It also leaked oil from the rear main seal.

I have it up to around 15" in the driveway. Once I get the intake remmounted, I am hoping for better.