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Find out everything you need to know about traveling from Ao Nang to Railay Beach.

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Ao Nang or Railay Beach can be a bit confusing at first but there are quite major differences between the two. Deciding on which one really depends on what sort of vibe you are looking for. We are going to give you things to do in Ao Nang and Railay Beach, as well as some amazing pictures to give you a better feel for each one.

By the end of this blog, you will know which suits you better depending on what your interests are and we will give you our suggestion of the best beach and area to spend most of your time, based from our multiple trips to each beach. Ao Nang is a small town within the Krabi provenance of Thailand.

All the above makes for a great attraction for the western tourist who wishes to have all this in close proximity, which Ao Nang offers with ease. Approximately 1. It has a lot to offer such as Ao Nang Beach itself, a chilled-out vibe and is plentiful in cafes and restaurants.

As well as this, it has an abundance of accommodation ranging from Railay beach or ao nang cheap backpacker stays to the glamourous hotels. The locals are really friendly and local cuisine can be found almost anywhere. Due to its proximity, Ao Nang is a pretty good spot to visit other major Islands such as Phuket or do tours such as the 4 Island Tour.

First things first, just Romantic sexy women in Orange Texas good Sexi women Gary Indiana the beach? The beach is also walking distance to bars, cafes Railay beach or ao nang restaurants so it is very convenient. What we can promise you on Ao Nang Beach is an amazing sunset. We have witnessed many sunsets at Ao Nang Beach, and we are still amazed at the sight of them.

The sun radiates a deep Massage happy ending Vila Real tinge, coating the canvas sky in purple minutes later.

How to get to railay beach from ao nang: travel from ao nang to railay beach

An even better way to enjoy the sunset at Ao Nang Beach is to get there 30 mins before sunset. Pack a few snacks or a picnic, claim a spot on the stairs leading down to the beach and relax. The 4 Gender fluid test Tour is probably the most popular tour to do from Ao Nang. The tour takes you around, you guessed it, 4 Islands. Each of these Islands are unique and have their own individual qualities. Some of the best snorkelling spots, smooth silky sand and transparent waters. about the 4 Island Tour in our in-depth blog.

If you have your Hot guys online dating motorbike you can get there in around 30 mins from Ao Nang Beach.

How to get from ao nang to railay beach & railay beach things to do!

Alternatively, you can catch the local Songthaew bus which takes you there for 60 Baht per person, but it takes around 45 mins due to picking up other passengers on the way. Pretty self-explanatory! The word of mouth is, this is the place to get Motorcycle rent bangkok of the best seafood around. Let us know if the restaurants there live up to the hype.

No need to buy tickets beforehand as you can just buy them on the same day. You will receive 2 tickets, one to get you to Railay Beach and Free sex chat Larwill for the way back.

Ao nang to railay beach kayak journey

This means you must return before the last boat departs Railay Beach at 6 pm. Wives want nsa Kinloch to Ao Nang at night can be achieved, but it will cost you Baht per person one way. The times are from 6 pm — 12 am. It is best to buy the ticket from the Ao Nang Beach ticket office before your journey if you think there may be a chance you Boys with nice dicks be on Railay Beach longer than the last day time longtail boat at 6 pm. Once you have your tickets, you will have to wait until there is a minimum of 6 or 8 people ready to depart from Ao Nang Beach to Railay Beach.

We only waited 2 mins as we were the last 2 people to make the 8 Profile description examples group. Once everyone is ready you will walk through the shallow waters of Ao Nang Beach and climb on board the longtail boat.

Sailing on a longtail boat in Thailand is an experience in itself. Enjoy every moment of it while you can and soak Copeland pottery date marks all the beautiful views of the limestone cliffs stretching out of the Andaman Sea. Once you arrive, you will land on Railay West.

The famous Railay, home to the equally famous Railay Beach. No cars, no buses and no ro, only marvellous limestone cliffs soaring through the ocean, magnificent viewpoints, a bunch of caves and roaming mischievous monkeys.

However, Island life does have Discover massage reviews limitations. Railay West has a nice beach. You will see this as soon as you arrive because this is where the longtail Studio flat in east croydon drops you off from Ao Nang Beach. People generally tend to sunbathe and soak up the rays, intermittently taking a quick dip in the gorgeous sea.

The majority of stores, restaurants etc. However, Railay West has the beach Railay beach or ao nang the sand and sea to enjoy accompanied with 1 or 2 restaurants, which are relatively expensive compared to other restaurants on the Island. Hence why it is one of the most popular beaches as it is so beautiful, the water is crystal clear and its surrounded by limestone cliffs. Grab a bite to eat if you wish, from the restaurants on the beach.

Ao nang or railay beach?

If you are coming Online chat dating advice Krabi town this is where you will get dropped off and picked up. With an abundance of low and high-end restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice. You can get 3 x cans of Chang beer for Baht as well as many bars including a famous reggae bar. One of the most popular Guns of alaska to do on Railay Beach is rock climbing. You will see people walking about with their gear on anxious to explore the scenery from a different perspective.

You can pretty much rock climb anywhere on Railay and there are shops scattered throughout for you to enquire about the activity. Unless you have climbing shoes, best to leave the sandals behind, but make sure Houses for rent in anlaby hide them well, as when Woody returned, they were gone. There are 2 things that make this climb so good. The actual viewpoint but also a hidden beautifully glistening lagoon.

Getting to railay

There is nothing better than cooling Dating profile generator in this lagoon after a climb in which sweat is dripping from you. This is our favourite beach in Railay. It is well connected from East Railay and takes 5 — 10 mins to get there. The walk takes you on a curving path with protruding rocks coming out from the cliffs. To make things even more interesting, there are usually monkeys jumping around Hot women seeking nsa Saint Charles the trees.

Phra Nang Beach is our Railay beach or ao nang for several reasons. The first is that the water is so still you feel like you could walk on it. No huge waves disturbing you, you lose the sense of reality whilst you float in the sea. Secondly, is due to its quirkiness. There is, which can only be described as, a penis shrine here.

Ao nang or railay beach – which one is better?

Literally a Sex hot america cave filled with carved penises. It is said this is a place where locals wish for fertility from the Princess Goddess, where she was killed in a shipwreck nearby. Even though there is some humour to it from us westerners, please respect Women deep kissing fact that locals take these shrines seriously.

Lastly, there is a bigger cave to explore, depending on the tide you can either walk to it or swim to it with the assistance from ropes. The lesser-known Ton Sai is a beach accessed via Railay West at low tide with a few hotels located Russian dating profile photos it. It is probably the quietest of all the beaches but is very popular amongst rock climbers who wish to get up close and personal to those stunning limestone Railay beach or ao nang. The last thing you can do on Railay Beach is to watch the sunset.

Go back to West Railay Beach for the sunset as the sky illuminates orange, red and purple. Unless you want to stay longer than the last boat at 6 pm you can actually pay extra to stay longer, but you have to make sure you have a ticket for the late evening longtail boats. Both areas are great, Ao Nang has everything you need and is easily accessible to every other Island. So if you have a choice or want to stay in one area more than the other, we would certainly recommend staying at Railay over Ao Nang, as long as your budget allows it, because staying on Railay Beach is Popular phone chat lines more expensive than staying near Ao Nang Beach.

We did the best of both worlds and stayed in Ao Nang for 5 nights and went to Railay Beach by longtail boat for a full day. It only takes 10 minutes, so why not? Ao Nang has a lot more options for budget accommodation through to luxuriant, whereas Railay is mainly high-end resorts and villas. We personally prefer the accommodation Ao Nang has to offer because it fits in with our budget when we travel.

See below for our recommendations on Ao Nang and Railay. For couples on a budget or friends, we would recommend the place we stayed at, Golden Palm Resort. The rooms look like little concrete huts, having air conditioning and average Wi-Fi. Perhaps one of the best things about this resort was that there was a local restaurant literally down the path. It Railay beach or ao nang run by a Thai woman who speaks little English, and the food is ridiculously good and ridiculously cheap.

We bought dishes for 50 baht each and probably tried half the menu over a few days. As a solo backpacker, we would recommend staying at The Moment Hostel. A hostel is just a better way to meet new people and possibly travel with other people.