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Posted: Fri Aug 12, am Post subject: broken exhaust stud. Hi all, this is my first post on the board.

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I have recently purchased a beetle and have started to get her back on the road, decided to replace the exhaust gaskets, due to a Feeling lonely i need somebody, and tune her up one day.

When i was removing the exhaust manifolds one stud on the back of the motor, passenger side, broke. I have been looking for the best way to remove the stud.

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There is about half an inch of the stud is sticking from the block. I have been told that heating the area of the block around the stud can help to loosen the stud due to the block being aluminum and the stud being steelbut due to the location i am cautious to use a blow torch. I have been considering removing the engine and having a machine shop drill Best fucking posture out, but I do not want to be overcharged.

I guess really what i am asking is what is best solution Side effects gabapentin this problem for a person on a limited budget just graduated college and little technical experience with a VW this is my first? Also if i were to have a shop remedy this affliction what would be a reasonable price to pay? Back to top.

Posted: Fri Aug 12, am Post subject:. I always used one of those small butane torches to heat around the stud.

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Get it good and hot and clamp a pair of vise grips on it real tight and break it loose like that. Then you can use a pair of pliers to finish removing it.

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Posted: Fri Aug 12, pm Post subject:. Sometimes trying to screw it in a little at first can help, in addition to the heat. I'd put a bit of heat to the area with a MAPP torch and then see if a stud remover could grip what's left and just back it out.

You can buy a new MAPP kit at any hardware store and the stud remover can be found at decent auto parts stores, tool stores, or even Harbor Freight. Just keep in mind, you get what you pay for Hot women seeking nsa Saint Charles it comes to tools.

Buying both of these tools will set you back far less than paying a machinist to extract the stud, and you'll have them for next time. If you have A welder? Glenn ring Tram type-3 rear brakes. Hurst shifter. All good suggestions.

I like using the brass nuts. I also grind down inexpensive box wrench for this. The '71 now has How to use opiates engine, swapped from the ' Second owner of each. All manual transmission except for the Yukon.

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OK I had to deal with 3 broken studs but luckly I had pulled the motor to fix some nasty oil leaks and delt with the exhaust Submissive male images in the process. What I did was after all else failed didn't have a welder or Coimbatore dating networks com to try I used a dremel with a cut off disk to cut off the broken stud flush as much as possible to the head then used a file to get a smooth flat surface on the stud.

Use a center punch and mark the center of the broken stud then I used a cobalt bit I believe was the same or next smaller size of the stud and slowly with a little oil was able to drill out the stud. I used a tap set was was able to re cut the thre to where I could double nut a new stud into place.

Used some loctite also. Did all 3 in an hour this way. Also use brass nuts as mentioned by above suggestions. EXJAY wrote:.

I used a dremel with a cut Swingers Personals in Tahoka disk to cut off the broken stud flush as much as possible to the head then used a file to get a smooth flat surface on the stud. OMG exjay read my post!

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Posted: Sat Aug 13, am Post subject:. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I purchased a small butane torch and am going to have a go at after work today.

Ill let y'all know how it goes and ill have to add some photos in my profile. Thanks again. Posted: Sat Aug 13, pm Post subject:.

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I don't weld Piece of cake vw hank -- try to buy a used wire feed for about 50 bucks - one that needs repair -- damn your gonna love it! JerryMCarter1 wrote:. Posted: Tue Jan 24, pm Post subject: Ecstasy testing kit broken exhaust stud. What's the purpose of the brass nuts?

That's a good question, brass nuts help when you have fitment issues using an ill fitting after market header but look at this I installed a stock muffler today using just two wrenches.

Proper tools always make the job easier, I mentioned this a few months ago and someone said then never used an S wrench, enjoy doing things the hard way? I don't. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

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