The Considerable 7: Leading Buy YouTube Subscribers Videos, Shorts, And Ads of 2022

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Taking a look at Buy YouTube Subscribers’s list of the leading trending videos and top Shorts of 2022, as well as the Buy YouTube Subscribers Ads Leaderboard: 2022 year-end-wrap-up can teach content online marketers, material creators, and digital marketers some essential lessons that they can apply in 2023.

However, it assists if you have a secret decoder ring to analyze why there are three lists– and why each one uses a different approach to come up with the rankings.

Buy YouTube Subscribers unveiled its very first list of the 10 most-watched Buy YouTube Subscribers videos back in December 2010. Sadly, that list taught many online marketers that “view count” was the only metric that mattered.

However, I got my secret decoder ring back in October 2012, when Buy YouTube Subscribers started changing the ranking of videos in Buy YouTube Subscribers search results to reward engaging videos that kept audiences enjoying.

Simply put, Buy YouTube Subscribers changed “view count” with “watch time.”

This was a considerable shift, because “watch time” offers you a sense of what content audiences actually watch, as opposed to videos that they click and after that abandon.

In December 2012, Buy YouTube Subscribers moved from revealing its 10 “most-watched” videos of the year to unveiling its “leading trending videos,” based upon time invested viewing, sharing, commenting, liking, and other factors.

In other words, “see time” and “engagements” were now the metrics that mattered.

Today, Buy YouTube Subscribers’s algorithm rewards “viewer fulfillment.”

To put it simply, Buy YouTube Subscribers does not focus on videos; it takes note of audiences.

So, instead of trying to make videos that’ll make an algorithm delighted, focus on making videos that make your viewers happy.

This brings us to Buy YouTube Subscribers’s lists of “trending videos” and “top Shorts” for 2022.

To learn essential lessons that can be applied in 2023, we require to recognize that Buy YouTube Subscribers’s discovery system uses both absolute and relative watch time as signals when choosing audience engagement.

Eventually, Buy YouTube Subscribers desires both brief and long videos to be successful, so relative watch time is more important for brief videos, and outright watch time is more important for longer videos.

Top 7 Trending Videos Of 2022

1. “So Long Geeks” By Technoblade (6:32 long, 88.3 million Views, 10.2 million engagements)

In this moving homage, the father of beloved Minecraft developer Technoblade checks out a farewell letter from his boy.

The player lost his fight with cancer in June, however his tradition remains on Buy YouTube Subscribers.

2. “Enjoy The Uncensored Moment Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock On Phase At The Oscars, Drops F-bomb” By Guardian News (1:24 long, 104 million Views, and 1.8 million engagements)

It was the smack heard ’round the world: Academy Award winner Will Smith went off-script and slapped Chris Rock, live on-stage, at the movie market’s most prestigious event.

3. “Hi, I’m Dream” By Dream (5:42 long, 48.5 million Views, and 4.7 million engagements)

Dream’s ingenuity within Minecraft has led him to end up being a top developer with a dedicated fanbase.

However no one understood what he appeared like IRL, until now.

4.” Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent Full Pepsi Sb Lvi Halftime Show” By NFL (14:41 long, 146 million Views, and 3.5 million engagements)

Lose yourself in this legendary Super Bowl halftime program packed with a few of the biggest artists in hip-hop history: Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lama, and 50 Cent.

5. “I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!” By Mrbeast (17:01 long, 132 million Views, and 5.1 million engagements)

In a “Willy Wonka” inspired warehouse, MrBeast challenges participants to pass through a chocolate river, climb a sweet wall, complete in confection-themed games, and delight in their sweetest fantasies.

6. “Pranks Destroy Fraud Callers- Glitterbomb Payback” By Mark Rober (26:41 long, 55.9 million Views, and 2.2 million engagements).

Engineer Mark Rober exacts dazzling vengeance on a rip-off call center in the current variation of his glitterbomb series.

7. “Being Not Straight” By Jaiden Animations (15:22 long, 17.8 million Views, and 1.7 million engagements)

In this coming-out video, Jaiden Animations illustrates a personal journey from adolescence to adulthood, sharing how they discovered their sexual identity along the way.

Top 7 Shorts Of 2022

1. “Diver Cracks Egg At 45 Feet Deep #Shorts” By Shangerdanger (0:56 long, 251 million Views, and 12.3 million engagements)

The ocean flooring is a mysterious location. It has lots of unidentified sea animals, strange plants, and … chicken eggs ?!

Join Shangerdanger as he fractures up the web and dives egg-first into the blue depths.

2. “Sarah Trust Difficulties” By Hingaflips (0:31 long, 142 million Views, and 6.5 million engagements)

Much better than parkour? This is Trampwall: a legendary sport where acrobats levitate and jump off a wall, onto a trampoline, to manage astonishing aerial stunts.

3. “Come With Me To Shave My Fluffy Canine! #Doggrooming #Grooming #Goldendoodle” By Brodie That Dood (0:52 long, 108 million Views, and 6.8 million engagements)

For several years, his long fluffy fur has actually made Brodie among the most iconic pet dogs on Buy YouTube Subscribers. So, the heartbreak was genuine when it was decided that he needed a close trim.

4. “Dave and Busters Bet Me 1000 Tickets I Couldn’t Do This …” By Chris Ivan (0:59 long, 83.6 million Views, and 6.3 million engagements).

No one does fool shots like creator Chris Ivan. In this Short, he tries to land a plunger on a Dave & Buster’s indication.

The prize? 1,000 tickets … if he can pull it off.

5. “That Space Between Your Car Seat and Center Console” By Jay & Sharon (0:58 long, 182 million Views, and 6.4 million engagements)

We have actually all lost something in the dreadful gap in between the safety seat and the center console.

In this comical sketch, developers Jay & Sharon reveal us what’s truly going on down there.

6. “Invite To The Stomach #Shorts” By Adrian Bliss (0:34 long, 118 million Views, and 7.0 million engagements)

In this bite-sized act, witty developer Adrian Happiness brings to life all the characters attempting to acquire entrance– and party in– his space-limited stomach.

7. “This Magic Trick Explained (America’s Got Skill)” By Zack D. Films (0:34 long, 97.4 million Views, and 5.6 million engagements).

How did he do it? The judges of “America’s Got Skill” were confused by this magic trick.

However not internet-sleuth Zack D., who reveals its clever secret.

Leading 7 Buy YouTube Subscribers Advertisements Of 2022

Meanwhile, Buy YouTube Subscribers utilizes an entirely different approach to identify the top Buy YouTube Subscribers ad for its 2022 year-end wrap-up Leaderboard. This makes good sense.

The top ads are normally the ones with the greatest budgets, which increase view counts, but not always engagements.

1. “Amazon’s Big Video game Commercial: Mind Reader” By Amazon (1:31 long, 69.7 million Views, and 25,700 engagements)

The imaginative agency for this advertisement was Fortunate Generals and the media firm was IPG– Rufus.

The ad’s description asks, “Is Alexa reading minds a great concept? No. No, it is not.”

2. “Invite To Clan Capital! Clash Of Clans New Update!” By Clash Of Clans (1:20 long, 52.9 million Views, and 212,000 engagements)

The innovative firm was Psyop, and the media firm was in-house.

The ad’s description states,

“Welcome to the supreme clan destination! A place where you and your clan can construct and fight together! A place called CLAN CAPITAL!”

3. “Objective Of The Century X BTS|Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.) Official Music Video” By Hyundaiworldwide (4:08 long, 40.5 million Views, and 886,000 engagements)

The advertisement’s description says,

“Our ‘Goal of the Century’ can’t be accomplished by one person alone, but we can attain it if all of us join forces and join.

Much like football players come together as a group to score objectives, we aim to utilize the power of football to move forward together in pursuit of the greatest goal– ‘A united world for sustainability.'”

4. “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts|Official Trailer|HBO Max” By HBO Max (1:58 long, 27.3 million Views, and 739,000 engagements)

The creative company was in-house, and the media agency was Hearts & Science.

The advertisement’s description says,

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts welcomes fans on a wonderful first-person journey through one of the most precious movie franchises of all time as it reunites Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and other renowned cast members and filmmakers across all eight Harry Potter films for the first time to commemorate the anniversary of the franchise’s first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

5. “Introducing iPhone 14 Pro|Apple” by Apple (4:20 long, 23.8 million views, and 571,000 engagements)

The advertisement’s description asks, “What lies beyond a conventional smart device? Let’s learn. This is iPhone 14 Pro.”

6. All of Us Are Dead|Official Trailer|Netflix” by Netflix (2:35 long, 22.6 million views, and 518,000 engagements)

The imaginative agency was The Refinery, and the media company was in-house. The advertisement’s description states,

“All of us will pass away. There is no hope.” The school became a bloody battlefield and our buddies into worst enemies. Who will make it out alive?”

7. Sally’s Seashells (Extended)|Huge Game Commercial 2022″ by Squarespace (1:07 long, 21.6 million views, and 67,600 engagements)

The media agency was internal. The ad’s description states,

“See everything that Sally sells in this extended cut of our 2022 Big Video game commercial. Starring Zendaya as Sally and told by andrĂ© 3000.”

Essential Lesson That Marketers Can Apply In 2023

Looking back at Buy YouTube Subscribers’s lists of top trending videos, leading Shorts, and leading advertisements for 2022, there is a meta-lesson that online marketers can discover: one size does not fit all.

Different metrics matter when determining different types of video, and various kinds of advertisements are better for various marketing objectives.

Or, as the British say, “There are horses for courses.”

Now, that’s a lesson that everyone can apply in 2023, and beyond.

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