Twitter Improves Search Results For Cashtags

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Twitter is upgrading the user experience for cashtags, showing pricing graphs when users click the symbol of a significant stock, ETF, or cryptocurrency.

Including a dollar sign in front of a stock or currency sign, like $AAPL, develops a clickable cashtag.

Formerly, clicking on a cashtag would take you to a standard set of search results including popular tweets.

If you wished to learn the existing value of the stock or currency, you needed to go to another website to get the details.

Now, you can get the info you’re looking for right away with upgraded search results page for cashtags.

In addition to clicking cashtags, you can trigger the new search experience by searching for the signs with or without the dollar sign.

Twitter states it’s presenting this feature with the major symbols initially, and will expand its protection of signs in the coming weeks.

Featured Image: David Tran Photo/SMM Panel.