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Abby goes to a meeting held by former sex worker Ashley whose real name is Dorothy , who is now an activist helping other women. Harvey and Candy go as well. At the awards ceremony, Lori and Harvey both win their respective awards, best supporting actress and best director. Lori makes several connections in Los Angeles, including a talent scout who encourages her to stay in Los Angeles.

After returning to New York, Lori tells C. He becomes disinterested when Candy reveals she's the director and won't be performing in it. After Frankie steals again, Rudy doesn't want him to work for him anymore. Frankie ends up winning at poker, which nets him a laundry business. Paul gets a loan from Vincent for his new bar and without Rudy Pipilo's involvement. More massage parlors are opening up, causing problems between the mob bosses. Rudy has one of his rival's parlors set on fire.

Leon returns to the diner, after serving a five-year prison sentence for killing Reggie.

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Larry and Darlene quit a porn shoot due to racism: Darlene gets paid less than white porn actors and the director won't hire Larry. Gene Goldman of the Koch administration presents their plan to clean-up Times Square at Alston's precinct. Abby meets with Dorothy and others from her activist group. Dorothy uncomfortably runs into C. After having difficulty writing the script, Candy hires a writer. Shay overdoses again at the peep show and is entered into rehab. Frankie's first day running his new dry cleaning business is overwhelming.

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At Lori's porn shoot, C. Lori meets with Kiki again, who wants to manage her, but Lori is too scared to leave C. Larry stars in his first porn film, directed by Candy, but has trouble with the dialogue. Darlene reveals he's illiterate , so Candy has him and the girl in the scene improvise their dialogue, which leads to a great performance from Larry. In retaliation to a prior massage parlor fire by a rival mob boss, one of Rudy's parlors is burned down which results in the death of a year-old sex worker named Kitty.

Abby blames Bobby for her death, because he's responsible for running all of Rudy's parlors, and he hired an underage girl. Vincent wants out of the parlor business completely.

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Vincent and Black Frankie witness Tommy Longo kill a rival gang member in the street, who was responsible for the fire. Dorothy finds out Kitty's real identity, Stephanie Esposito, and tracks down her family, but her father is uninterested in identifying her body or providing a burial service. Goldman wants the parlors to be raided, but Alston tells him the parlors are warned in advance by police officers taking bribes from the mob.

Abby and Vincent pay for Stephanie's funeral, which they attend along with Dorothy and Bobby. Larry watches Blue Collar in a movie theater and gets inspired. Larry becomes more interested in acting and begins to lose interest in pimping. Shay is released from rehab and Irene takes her in as she's worried Shay will fall back into her heroin addiction. Candy, with help from Kiki, begins casting for her film.

Disappointed with the script by the hired writer, Candy asks Jocelyn to rewrite it. Paul is over budget on his nightclub, causing a fight with his boyfriend. Instead of going home, Paul goes to an underground sex club and engages in anonymous sex. Low on cash, Candy asks Vincent if he wants to invest in her film; he suggests she ask Frankie, who recently sold his dry cleaning business.

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Abby and Vincent host a clinic in their bar to help Dorothy. Lori goes to Candy's apartment to audition for the lead role in her film.

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After Candy remarks about her black eye, Lori explains how bad her situation with C. Dorothy has another run-in with C. Alston informs Gene Goldman that they will be raiding the parlors again, but for real this time. Bobby's parlor is raided and he ends up on the TV news, causing problems for his family. Abby wants Bobby banned from the Hi-Hat and she questions Vincent's involvement with the mob. Candy begins shooting her film, Red Hot. Candy continues filming Red Hot , shooting it guerrilla-style on the streets of New York.

Lori is playing Red, and the high-maintenance male actor quits due to working conditions. Candy hires Larry in his place and he impresses with his improv dialogue and performance. Harvey is stressed when Candy spends too much money on a location and Frankie's wife Tina, playing the grandmother—who he hired himself—causes delays by forgetting the dialogue in her scene. Frankie fires his wife, which sparks a fight between the two. Larry pays Darlene to help read lines with him. To get money, Frankie, along with Big Mike and Black Frankie rob a shoe truck, but it only has the left shoes—a tactic employed due to common robberies.

Frankie shows up to set with the money, exciting Candy and the others, but they don't know it's from the mob. Candy replaces Tina, now playing an aunt. Harvey and Candy watch a rough cut and he tells her, "Jesus You got something here. Bobby pays his fines and after his son is arrested for fighting, he puts him to work at the massage parlor, to help clean up. Abby continues to help Dorothy, where they try to negotiate with the pimps who loiter in front of an apartment complex, causing issues for the tenants.

Abby brings the issues to a neighborhood council meeting. Vincent comes clean to Abby about his involvement with the mob and that his establishments are mob-backed. He tells her he's not taking any more money from the parlors and gives her his last payout, telling her to do something good with it. Paul's upscale club opens with Vincent and Abby in attendance. Abby gives the money to Dorothy to help a sex worker escape the streets and leave the city.

Vincent tells Rudy he wants out of the parlors and peep shows, but Tommy Longo makes it clear to Vincent that he can't quit. To clear his head, Vincent drives to Vermont and ends up helping a short-staffed bartender. Bobby's son Joey gets involved with a girl at the parlor, but Bobby quickly breaks it up.

Darlene learns she's pregnant and gets an abortion. Candy and Harvey screen Red Hot to their mobster investors, but they are more interested in talking with Harvey alone when it comes business. They agree to put Candy front and center in the marketing, but Candy worries about her son finding out. Candy shows her son where she works, but leaves the porn part out of it. Alston and his girlfriend go on bowling date with Flanagan and his wife. Irene discovers Shay has left the apartment and learns that she is back on streets working for Rodney. Paul and his boyfriend Kenneth have an amicable breakup after realizing they've drifted apart after being so busy with the club.

Flanagan has an argument with his mistress Anita, one of girl's from Bobby's parlor, about him not leaving his wife for her, and he ends up killing her in a fit of rage. Abby and Dave, an activist friend of Dorothy, have sex.

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  • Anita's body is pulled from the river and Alston is called on the case. Alston recognizes her and the watch on her wrist, which belongs to Flanagan. Alston tries to get Flanagan to turn himself in, but he commits suicide instead. Lori is told by Kiki about an exciting movie deal for her, to do three films in six months. Vincent talks with Abby about his time in Vermont and that he would like to move there, but she reminds him she's from Connecticut and doesn't want that kind of life.


    Because of their open relationship, Abby tells Vincent she had sex with Dave. Vincent gets a new Cadillac from Rudy and Tommy as a gift. As they drive to dinner together, they are shot by people in a following vehicle. They realize Vincent was the target.

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    Rudy and Tommy bring Vincent to interrogate Marty Hodas to find out who shot at them, but he doesn't know anything. Candy works with her boyfriend editing Red Hot. Paul falls back into a relationship with Todd. Rudy partners with Matty "the Horse" Ianniello on signing Lori to a movie deal. The two later meet with Kiki to complete the deal, and she reminds them that C. Darlene begins to look for legitimate work as she wants to move out on her own. Goldman has another sexual encounter with a man, but refutes being labeled as gay; Goldman tells the man, "I'm sexual.

    I'm a husband and a father.